The Schwarz vine estate
The vine estate of the Schwarz family is situated in Schrattenberg, one of the oldest and most important red wine producing towns in Austria. On an optimal terroir, primarily red wines of special quality are pressed here. However, fine white wines and elegant dessert wines are also vinificated. The foundation for the high wine quality is laid already in the vineyard. From pruning, leave cutting, thinning out of excess grapes to the correctly chosen harvest time, we constantly strive to achieve maximum quality. In the cellar, latest technology as well as traditional vinification methods preserve the quality of the harvested grapes. Depending on the type of wine, the wines are given sufficient time for maturing and development, which takes place either in stainless steel tanks, large wooden barrels or in small oak barrels, before the wine is filled into bottles.

Top quality as a matter of principle

Optimal geologic and climatic conditions and a lot of manual work are the prerequisites for the top quality of the Schwarz wines.

The Schwarz estate is situated in Schrattenberg, one of the oldest and most important red wine producing towns in Austria. Due to the quality of the soil and the microclimatic conditions, ripeness of the grapes in Schrattenberg takes place much earlier than in the surrounding towns. At the Schwarz company, the top wine firm in Schrattenberg, the quality of the grapes is maximised through rigorous yield restriction. The grapes are harvested in small crates which ensures gentle and fast transport of the grapes into the cellar. When producing the wine, we take care to preserve the quality that was harvested in the vineyard. The wine is then stored in stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels, depending on the type of wine. The top wines, however, mature in French oak barriques.

Apart from the traditional grape varities Zweigelt, St. Laurent and Blaufränkisch, on the Schwarz estate we are also dedicated to the international trend varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.



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